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“Mongolica” Hotel and Resort

“Mongolica” Hotel and Resort locates in 12th khoroo, Khan-Uul discrict, Ulaanbaatar or near Bio-cabinet and in a marvelous base of Songino-khairkhan Mountain, a fresh air and soft water.

“Mongolica” Hotel and Resort is a supreme palace which has a hotel with 25 superior rooms, a restaurant with a capacity of 200-250 people at once, a utility sauna with a design as Japanese for serving 100 people, massage center, karaoke, Beauty Saloon, children’s room and a conference hall with a capacity of 60-80 people.

Our resort not only has a modern equipments provided all situation to have a rest and get relax, but also we will offer and promise you warm friendly environment, a polite and amiable serving and fulfilled satisfy. Our resort has 25 rooms which are 20 standards, 2 superior suites, 2 deluxe suites and one presidential suit.

“Mongolica” Hotel and Resort, we will offer you that delicious European and Mongolian meals, welcome to everyone who wants to get a relax in

·         a sauna

·         a swimming pool with Japanese design

·         a karaoke

·         a billiard.


If you come with your children, we will provide you children's room which is suitable with children’s features.Also a resort has a conference hall of about 200 people at once.

Welcome with colleagues and guests to the resort which is standing near a capital city and being provided a complex service of conducting a training and seminar.     

“Mongolica” Hotel and Resort locates in a distance of only 7 km from “Chinggis Khaan” International Airport and we also want to mention that the first golf field accorded with international rating opened near our resort in 2011.

 Welcome to “Mongolica” Hotel and Resort and

Feel real comfortable and satisfied.

Enjoy your stay.